Escorts and their choices

Although prostitution is an illegal practice and most of the countries have strict laws against it, escort service is looked at as a fair profession these days. Due to the fact that most of the escorts are in the business at their own will and find is as an easy source of income, the escort agencies are not so unpopular among independent and successful men. Men like the company of beautiful women younger than them and pay a good amount of money. Since the escorts are in the profession at their own will, they are not bound to any strict rules by the agencies. They can work or prefer the agency anytime they want, like a normal job. But the escorts do stay because they get paid way more than what they can expect in working part-time at a firm. They can make their own choices for almost everything while meeting their clients and are free to leave in case of trouble.

They can choose their date

The escorts are generally really good looking and have a pretty decent lifestyle. They like to stay fancy and classy and can expect the same from the men they meet. Escorts might say no to men if they do not feel like dating them based on their pictures and way of talking over the phone. The best idea is to be a gentleman while behaving with an escort and have a good first impression over them. But this usually does not happen as it is their work and men are ready to pay them huge amounts. So, the only real reason an escort will say no can be the men who sound too horny and desperate that they forget to respect themselves and the escort.

They can choose the place

Most of the escort services offer incall and outcall services. The incall service is when one can call an escort to his own place, and the outcall is when one has to meet the escort either at a hotel room or escort’s own place. Escorts are free to choose whether they will be comfortable at visiting their clients or would like to welcome the clients at their own place. While booking an escort, one might not find his favourite escort for incall service, and he cannot do anything about it.

Escorts choose the services

Just like the meeting place, the escorts are also free to choose what all fetishes and preferences of men they are comfortable with. Let’s say if an escort is not okay being submissive, she will not be mentioned in the category of submissive escorts. However, they might agree to submission at some level over the phone, but forcing them to do it will only result in call disconnect. One should discuss all the services and the rates for each service over the phone call. Demanding new things and bargaining after meeting up can result in direct termination of the contract, and the escort can leave. So, one has to be wise and well behaved while dating an escort because they like to live their life like normal women, and if they do not like something, they can say ‘no’.